The iPhone 13 offer has been unveiled ahead of the Amazon Great Indian Festival.

iphone 13

Amazon has announced a significant discount on the iPhone 13 for the Great Indian Festival sale. Customers can cut the price of the iPhone 13 to Rs 39,999 with extra bank card and exchange deals.

iphone 13
Iphone 13

Amazon has announced a significant discount for the iPhone 13 in time for its forthcoming Diwali sale. Customers can celebrate since the iPhone 13 will be offered for an incredible price of Rs 13,901 on Amazon throughout the holiday season.

Furthermore, you can reduce the cost even further by taking advantage of credit card incentives and exchange agreements. Here’s a closer look at the iPhone 13 bargain and if it’s worthwhile to consider, especially since the iPhone 15 is now available.

To begin, it’s important to understand that the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale will begin on October 8, with Prime members receiving early access.

The iPhone 13 will be available at its lowest price ever during the sale. According to Amazon’s teaser page, it will be priced at Rs 45,999, a significant reduction from its initial price of Rs 59,900 in Apple stores.

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Buyers who use SBI bank cards can get an additional Rs 2,500 discount, bringing the total cost down to Rs 43,499. Those who opt to trade in their old phones will also receive an additional Rs 3,500 exchange discount, however the exact exchange price may vary.

When the flat discount, bank card offer, and exchange bonus are taken into account, the effective price of the iPhone 13 drops to an enticing Rs 39,999.

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